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April Right Now: Watching, Fixing and Cooking

It’s just past the middle of April and it’s time for the April edition of Right Now.  I’m two weeks away from my target spring race, the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita, Kansas which will help me check off state #11.  With only fourteen days until I go after a new half marathon PR, I’ve started my taper and have had some time to play.  Here’s what I’ve been watching, will be fixing and starting cooking this month.right now

Watching.  Doug and I had a date night Wednesday to check out some of The Virginia Arts Festival that is going on right now in Norfolk.  After a casual dinner, we walked a few blocks to a grassy area for an outdoor show by Strange Fruit.  The Australian troop performed atop what essentially look like pole vaulting poles to a soundtrack that featured a variety of genres.  The weather was great and we really enjoyed watching the acrobats float through the air on their big white lanterns.

Fixing.  I’m not much of an artist but I can be pretty handy.  Working with a hammer and nails is something I can definitely do and painting isn’t much of a challenge, it tends to just be tedious.  Tape, paint, tape, tape, tape, paint.  Luckily, I won’t be painting any wall space that requires a roll of painter’s tape.  I will be sanding and staining this plant stand I recently acquired (thank you, taper miles) this weekend.  Once I’m finished, the philodendron I’m attempting to grow will have a proper home.right now

Cooking.  Omelettes, and I’m not sure what set me in this direction since breakfast for dinner isn’t usually my thing.  It really doesn’t matter why but I’m undeniably into omelettes right now.  Egg whites with shrimp, green pepper and cheddar cheese served as last night’s meal and I’m excited to play around with different fillings.

That’s what I have going on right now, what about you?


What’s in your favorite omelette?  Do you fix things around your home?

Blogger Life Updates

It’s time for a few Life Updates!  I took a Blog Vacation last week and while I didn’t skip out on writing about tons of important, interesting and fun things, some of the things I’ve mentioned in previous posts have changed.  This is different than a Right Now post because most of the things I talk about in those posts are brand new, and exciting.  Life Updates brings back things from previous posts and does exactly what it says: updates you on my progress.  Here we go!

Life Updates #1:  My foot pain from last week is gone.  Thank goodness.  I went out for an easy run Monday evening just to see how it went.  As I ran, the dull ache started in my foot, then crept up into my ankle and shin.  A good ankle stretch and shin rub fixed it right up and the rest of my six miler felt really good.  I was glad it wasn’t anything serious and life updatesrecalled that during Tuesday’s run I had rolled my left ankle twice on two holes in the sand.  Phew!  Still injury free!

Life Updates #2:  Over the winter I went on a shopping spree at Total Wine.  You can check out the post here where I said I’d review each of the bottles as I drank them.  I’ve done a not so great job of following through on that.  I’ll still make en effort, though, and this past weekend Doug and I opened another one of those bottles.  We selected a 2010 Le Columbier Vieilles Vignes from the wine rack and it was fantastic.  We let the room temperature red wine breathe for about twenty minutes before diving in to the medium to full-bodied, sweet, raspberry and cherry flavors that made it wonderful.  It was an inexpensive French bottle and we were very happy with it.  Definitely give it a try if you’re in the mood for something red.

Life Updates #3:  My plants!  I wrote about my first foray into the world of green thumbs in this post.  I admitted I was worried about being able to keep them alive and must admit I’m doing a pretty good job and enjoying it.  Not to toot my own horn, but the happy little green guys growing like crazy.  Here they are after being watered on the deck and hanginglife updates out at home.  life updates life updates








What’s going on with you?  Any exciting life updates?  How are your plants handling the summer heat?


Green Thumb Runner: Plants Step One

I bought plants.  I like flowers, plants and greenery just as much as the next girl, but with Doug’s allergies, anything that blooms was a no-no.  Being a girl who likes these things, however, doesn’t mean I know anything about them.  Luckily for me, I have plantsa friend with a Master’s Degree in Horticulture who was more than willing to help me out.  I gave her the criteria: non-blooming, not needy.  She asked about sunlight (all levels available) and recommended a few different green things.

Last week while my Mom was in town, I took the plunge.  We went to McDonald Garden Center and got all the necessary supplies.  Plants, pots, bases, potting soil, watering can.  We packed up the plantscar and brought our procurements, one hanging Boston fern, one table top Philodendron and one big potted dwarf palm for the front entryway, home.

We re-potted, watered and fluffed each of the green guys outside on the deck and watched each one perk up as it sucked in the sun.  After each of the plants had absorbed its water, it was time to install them inside.  The fern hangs in Plantsthe kitchen, the Philodendron resides on the kitchen table and the dwarf palm took up residence in the front entryway.  Even though they lack to bright colors of pollen bearing flowering plants, these three do dress up the place a bit in all of their plain green glory.

I’m hoping these plants will help keep the house’s air a bit cleaner, and bring some sunshine inside with them.  I’m also hoping I can keep them alive.  I’m not much of a green thumb, mainly from a lack of trying, but I don’t have much faith in myself.  While not as challenging as a child or as difficult as a puppy, these plants might find a way to stick it to me.  I’ve put a reminder in my phone to water them regularly and that half of the battle is won.  It’s the pruning I might struggle with.  How much do I cut?  What’s too much?  When should I re-pot it in a bigger pot?

I’m sure the plants and I will be fine.  Jordy hasn’t tasted them and he doesn’t seem to have plans to bury any bones in the dwarf palm’s potting soil, so here we go!


Are you green thumb?  What plants do you have in your house?