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I’m Back + Exciting Things

Wow!  It’s been over a week since my last post but I’m back!  Time has flown by in spite of my limited time spent lifting, jumping and running as I roll on with marathon recovery and down time before my next training cycle begins.  I’ve been busy with three exciting things I’m ready to share so here’s what I’ve been up to these last seven days:

1.  Decision Making.  I know in this post I said I wasn’t sure about my next marathon or if I’d even run another one.  Well, one of my I’m Back announcements is that I will be back.  I’ll be hitting the road for 26+ miles on 12 March 2017 for the 3rd One City Marathon.  It might be a quest for redemption or just to prove it was really the sock’s fault or more likely both.  I know I can perform better and now I’ve given myself the chance to confirm it on the same course on, hopefully, another perfect day.

2.  Reading.  While standing, of course.  Taking a break from hours of running in a week doesn’t give me an excuse to sit on my rump.  Rest is not recovery!  It’s been a while since I’ve opened a running book but right now I’m back to it with Chi Running.  I’m always hungry to I'm backlearn more, hone my coaching abilities and find new ways to help guide my clients to crush their goals.  So far it’s been a nice compliment to what I know about similar training theories like Crossfit Endurance and Pose Method.  When I’m back running more than three or four miles at a time in a few weeks I’m excited to see what I’m able to apply to my own activities.

3.  Creating.  I’m not an incredibly creative person in terms of art but when I get my mind set on something I’m all in.  I started FitNicePT ages ago and while I love my clients and what I do every day, personal training isn’t my main focus.  I’ve moved on to being more of a running coach and that’s where I’d like to grow.  It’s challenging to start a new project but I’m back on the grindstone and looking forward to where this project is going to take anyone who’s a part of it.


What have you been up to?  What are you reading?

Right Now: Running, Coaching, Reading

There are only a few hours left in March and that makes it past time I update with March 2015 Edition of Right Now.  Here are a few of my favorite things as the year’s third month draws to a close, including some solid running, rewarding coaching and good reading.

Running:  My Prairie Fire training has been going very well.  Rock n Roll DC was a great run, coachingShamrock was a blast and even though my first 16 miler of the year yesterday was colder than I had hoped at ‘feels like’ 26 degrees with some chilly 10-15 mile-an-hour winds, it was a fantastic run.  The wind wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be and I settled into a comfortable pace that left me quite happy.  You can check out all of my latest thoughts on my goal spring race here.

Coaching:  I have been working with a friend of mine from college who lives in the nice, sunny warmth of Tampa for a few short months.  She doesn’t know I’m writing about her, so this lovely lady will remain anonymous today, but I am very proud of her.  One of the best things about coaching is being a part of someone’s journey to reach their goal, no matter what it is.  This client wanted to shed some unwanted pounds, tone up and run a faster 5k.  Since the beginning of the year, she has successfully finished multiple 5ks, her first 8k, her first 15k and her first 10 miler.  Watching people fall in love with running icoachings another coaching bonus!  She’s looking forward to a RunDisney event soon and I’m excited to be a part of her journey.

Reading:  I love Game of Thrones.  It’s a wonderful show but, as usual, the books eclipse the film.  Because George R.R. Martin is in no hurry to release the next installment in A Song of Ice and Fire, I took the dive into his 300+ page tome, The World of Ice and Fire.  It’s loaded with background information on the various houses of Westeros and even though it has difficult moments (hello, family trees!), the story is worth every second.  It’s a must read for any fan.


What are your favorites from the last few months?  Are you involved with any coaching?

January 2015 Right Now: A New Year!

It’s time to really kick off the new year.  My January 2015 Right Now features what I’m eating, scheduling and reading.  I’m excited about what the new year has in store and look forward to sharing some of favorites with you each month.  Here’s what I’m loving right now:

This recipe.  It’s easy to make, filling and a great way fuel my long run each week.  It also works wonders when it’s cold, rainy and all gloom and doom outside.  Hello, warm!  It takes some time january 2015 right nowto cook but makes a great freezer meal.

My spring race schedule is set!  I’ll kick off 2015 with Rock n Roll Arizona this weekend then have a break until serious training starts in February and racing again in March.  Rock n Roll DC and Shamrock, where I’m pacing the 1:52 group (yay!) are back to back in the middle of March and things wrap up with my target spring half in May.  I’m excited to have chosen the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita for both my Kansas race and target spring race then wrap things up with the EquiKids Cross Country 5k.

I’m reading Mark Divine‘s The Way of the SEAL for the second time.  My first read was just that.  I read and took what I could from the book.  When I cracked it open for the second time, my intentions were to start practicing the techniques and skills described in the book to see how I could benefit.  From the moment I began to reread the first chapter, I knew it wouldn’t be that simple.  I’ve reassessed my goal of implementing all 12 methods at once and have elected to work through two chapters each month.  I spend 30 minutes, twice a day specifically working on the principles Coach Divine describes is his best seller and sporadically during the day.  As I work to have better control over my thoughts and emotions, I’m excited to share my progress as the year moves forward.

That’s what I’m loving in my January 2015 Right Now and I hope you give the stew a try while registering for a spring race and settling down to pick up a good book.


What’s your favorite winter recipe?  Are you reading something good?

Hump Day Reading Epidsode 1

Happy Hump Day!  I’m currently bouncing back between two excellent books in my reading queue, one of which I’ll be sharing in the September Right Now, so I’m keeping it a secret!  In addition to my play time reading, I go through tons of fitness related posts, articles and studies on a regular basis.  For no good reason, however, I have yet to share hump dayany of them with you.  In an attempt to put a bright spot in your Wednesday and with no better time than the present, here we go!

These are three things I’ve found interesting, beneficial or just fun to read in the past week.  I hope you’ll take a deep, hump day breath and enjoy discovering them as much as I did.

  • Pushups are a necessary evil for solid running form.  Good for posture, core stability and strength, a properly performed pushup is an exercise that can’t be beat.  In this video and accompanying article, Competitor Running explains why in a very user friendly way.
  • This piece from Time about getting happy.  More of an infographic than a stuffy magazine article, the statistics and graphics are visually appealing and intriguing.  Give one of their suggestions a try to see if it helps brighten the rest of your week.

I hope your hump day goes by a bit faster after taking a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy these.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and would want to see more like it.


What’s your favorite thing to read?  Paper or digital?

A Dog’s Purpose

Traveling through time with four distinct canine narrators, W. Bruce Cameron’s novel A Dog’s Purpose is both heartwarming and honest.  We personify our pets every single day but rarely take into account their perception of our species.  To see the world through a dog’s eyes is an innocent and simple interpretation of the crazy, and often times emotionally complicated, world we live in.  Cameron’s lead character is a perfect specimen of canine mentality and his story will make you laugh right through your tears.

A novel by W. Bruce Cameron

A novel by W. Bruce Cameron

Born for the first time as Toby, the multi-lived lead dog is part of a feral family and must learn to survive on his own.  When Toby’s life has ended, he is reborn as the loveable Bailey, who immediately wonders why he is living again and what, exactly, his purpose is.  As Bailey, he learns to love and “most important[ly]” take care of people.  Living to old age, he is born once again as Ellie, a search and rescue dog.  Moving through training and work as police dog, Ellie is taught to Find, Show and save people, while she continues to wonder what her purpose is.  After a fourth rebirth, this time as a Black Lab who goes through several owners, Buddy arrives with many lives worth of lessons at his final destination and finally discovers his purpose.

Cameron’s narration isn’t that of a human, but of a dog everyone has known.  Neither Toby nor any of the dogs he becomes in his other lives understand English, though over the course of these lives, he does pick up certain words.  As any dog would see it, most of the English language is unimportant.  As far as dogs go, they know what they need to.  Phrases such as ‘good dog’, ‘bad dog’ and ‘cookies’ are staples of each incarnation’s vocabulary.  Nailing down the infamous selective listening that every dog perfects in infancy, Toby’s opinions will make you laugh out loud while his attempts to figure out what his people want will have your eyes welling as they search the room for your own four-legged friend.

Just as the cover shows, every one of the dog’s thoughts seem to appear on the page straight out of a thought bubble.  Honest, unedited, innocent and uninhibited by a complicated human mind, Toby’s narration is spot on.  It’s wonderful to be taken along with Toby on his journey to discover just exactly what a dog’s purpose is.

A fast, fun read that will make you swing from sentimental sap to laughing caninophile, dog lovers can’t miss this one.  Even non-dog lovers will find Cameron’s tale a joy, and with its very own sequel, A Dog’s Journey, readers are sure to enjoy the continued search for a dog’s purpose.