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3 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Tuesday isn’t the usual day for Favorites but who’s counting?  I’m loving these three things right now and got a little Monday excited to share.  Here they are!

Shoes.  I picked up a pair of Saucony Zealot ISO 2s last month and am really liking them right right nownow.  It took a few miles to adjust to all of the cushioning.  At first I felt like my gait was a little funky and the shoes themselves were a little clunky or heavy.  I definitely lose some feel of the ground in them but the comfort level is a nice trade off.

The cushioning makes them a great long run shoe while the 4mm drop doesn’t take away from the amount of work my legs have to do.  Winning!  I don’t think I’ll race in them since they’re so heavy but I do right nowlook forward to continuing to train in them.

Games.  I’m a nerd.  I Lumosity regularly and have a daily Sudoku calendar.  Yes, I even let a week pile up then complete them.  That said, I was excited to find this oldie when I went to clean out a closet.  A present from Mom and Dad way too long ago, I’ve toted it around for years.  I’m excited to be back working at it.  Rush Hour presents a tactile brain challenge that doesn’t force me to stare right nowat a computer screen.  Perfect.

Fitness.  With marathon training kicking off next week, I’m ready to be back in the gym.  That sounds backwards doesn’t it?  I like the challenge of Crossfit as a compliment to my running and enjoy the workouts.  I am careful to not let my strength training have a negative effect on my important runs.  That’s why I avoided this one.  Even though I didn’t participate in the super hard WOD, it felt great to be back with my friends for the EOD 131 Memorial Workout Saturday.  Bring on the cleans and burpees!


What are you loving right now?  Any new shoes or workouts?

Friday Favorites: First Edition

This is my first official Friday Favorites post!  I usually do a Fit Friday, pre-race wrap up or Right Now post to break in the weekend but felt like mixing it up this month.

The Lilly Pulitzer Linen Beach Pantfriday favorites
Not only is the Red Right Return pattern lots of fun, the pants themselves are light and very comfortable.  They’re a perfect cover up when heading to the beach or hanging out at home with a wide drawstring waistband and plenty of length.  Cleaning up after a hot, sticky run feels great.  Slipping these Friday Favorites comfies on for a solid foam rolling and stretching session after that shower feels even better.

Ready to Run, Dr. Kelly Starrettfriday favorites
I first heard of Kelly Starrett and his Mobility WOD website when I starting Crossfit.  A big part of functional fitness, and solid injury free running, is proper range of motion.  It’s impossible to build strength safely when you can’t move fluidly through the movement.  As I work to perfect my running form, keep my cadence up, get faster and more powerful, I realize each day how important it really is.  My tight calves don’t help my back squat much and take away running power.  In Ready to Run, Starrett outlines 12 standards that will help you determine if you are, in fact, Ready to Run and how to get there if you’re not.  I’ve definitely seen a difference since working towards the standards I don’t already meet and can’t wait for some cooler weather to friday favoritesrace in!

Miracle-Gro Aerogarden
The third of my Friday Favorites is my brand new Aerogarden!  I’ve planted lettuce and mini tomatoes to start with herbs to follow after these seeds have been exhausted.  The light is brighter than I expected bouncing off the white walls of the corner I placed it in but I’ve set the lights to turn on at 5:15am and off around 11pm in hopes that it won’t bother anyone or any dog.  I’m excited to be able to grow these vegetables indoors since we don’t have a good flat outside spot for a garden but we do have a few cottontail rabbits living under the shed.  I can’t wait to make a nice fresh salad with what pops up and there will be plenty of pictures to follow the journey.

I don’t have any big plans this weekend other than a nice long run tomorrow and sleeping in on Sunday.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a quiet weekend and I’m looking forward to relaxing by staring at my seedlings until they sprout.


What are your Friday Favorites this week?  Any big weekend plans like a race?

Right Now: October Edition 2

It’s time for October Edition 2 of Right Now!  I missed posting a Right Now in September and am making up for lost time with this second post.  You can check out the first one here for some of the other things I’ve been up to lately, other than running, that is.

Here we go!

Eating:  Mashed potatoes.  I love potatoes.  Baked potatoes take a while, even baked sweet potatoes so I’ve taken to mashing them up and freezing single size servings.  This article not only made my day, it makes the good point that even though I love my pasta, I can benefit more from chowing down on a baked, mashed, boiled spud with a handful of cheddar cheese and some garlic than a bowlful of penne after a hard run.october edition 2

Using:  The Fitness Games.  I reviewed this app a few weeks ago and still use it every now and then.  I love the strength program on I’m on now, but sometimes after a hard run I know lifting heavy weights wouldn’t be a good idea.  The app’s bodyweight workouts are challenging and make good cross training sessions for those non-running days when you want to stay away from the gym.

october edition 2Registering:  I used the 2015 Rock n Roll TourPass 3-Pack I purchased earlier this month to get two of next year’s race locations on the calendar.  With 43 states to go, I’m aiming to check off five per year (as long as the budget permits) and will be getting started quickly with Rock n Roll Arizona the second week in January.  Next up is Rock n Roll DC in March.

I hoe you enjoyed October Edition 2 of Right Now.  Heading into the next few days, I’ll be en route to Myrtle Beach for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon where the last six months’ hard training will hopefully pay off with a new half marathon PR.  Stay tuned for lots of race weekend fun!


Do you like potatoes?  What’s your favorite recipe?

Right Now: A Pet Friendly Hotel and More

It’s time for the August Edition of Right Now!  These are a few of my current favorites and I hope you give them a try, too.  This month’s faves add up to a pet friendly hotel where you can workout your mind and enjoy a lovely bottle of wine.

Staying:  Doug and I went to see the Phillies play the Nationals in D.C. Saturday, August 2.  We booked a pet friendly hotel so Jordy could tag along to see the Nation’s capital and it was awesome.  Le Meridien Arlington loves pets!  The hotel’s amenities include “a 3-tier Bark Bar at the hotel entrance, allowing furry friends to refresh. Pets are offered complimentary treats and food bowls, pet friendlymats and beds, and a special tag with the hotel’s contact information. Pets can relax at The Dish, the property’s pet lounge” (hotels.com).  There was a really nice dog park right across the street and all of the other dogs we came across were super friendly.  Other hotel highlights include its proximity to the Metro, only two blocks, clean rooms, free wi-fi, complimentary bathrobes and delicious breakfast buffet.  Next time you and your furry friend make a stop in the District be sure to check out Le Meridien Arlington.

Playing:  Lumosity.  I’ve been doing this for a while and love it.  I think it’s helped me tune up my mind, yes, but it’s fun.  Solitaire gets pretty boring after a while and I like the idea of challenging my brain to work more effectively while I guide an adorable penguin through pet friendlya maze to chomp on a fish.  With games that work on improving memory, flexibility, mental speed, focus and problem solving your mind is sure to get a good workout.  It’s a good way to wind down after a tough day or to play with while you wait for the shower in your pet friendly hotel room.  You aren’t able to access all of the games with the free trial so I definitely recommend diving in to give it a try.

Drinking:  Sauvignon Blanc.  Australian, to be exact.  I always enjoy a nice riesling but Summer 2014 has belonged to the Aussies.  Kim Crawford is a favorite although most offerings from the Marlborough region are quite tasty.  The wine bottle holds just enough acid to be crisp and it balances perfectly with fruity flavors.  These wines pair well with a lot of the dishes I eat during the summer months, like fish, fruit and veggie dense kale salads and grilled chicken.  The fruity and refreshing flavors that come from this grape are a perfect summer time pal.

Those are a few of my favorite things right now and I hope you have the chance to try them.


Do you search for pet friendly hotels?  What’s your summer wine?

Right Now: Wearing, Blogging, Running

It’s time for the July issue of Right Now!  This month I’ll cover something new I’m wearing, a recommitment to blogging and having a blast running for fun for a few weeks before my next training cycle kicks off.

Wearing:  The Lululemon Run: Speed Short.  I’ll be writing a full review of the new addition to my workout collection soon but until then, here’s a teaser.  I’m a big fan!  The lightweight running shorts are wonderful.  I love the pocket, just like I do in all of the other Lulu pant/short products I own but the best part is the short’s lining.  I can’t stand the wearingbuilt-in underwear in most running shorts and inside these, rather than a chafe causing, red line inducing pair of granny panties, is a flat seamed, supportive lining that’s very comfortable.

Blogging:  Well, not really.  I’ve been a little slack since my Blogging Vacation and am going to work hard on getting back on track.  I usually write three posts per week but only made it to two the last two weeks and I haven’t done a good job of reading, commenting on and supporting my fellow bloggers.  My SweatPink and Girls Gone Sporty sisters, as well as all of the other awesome bloggers I read deserve my attention and support.  I miss all the cool workouts, fun races, comfy clothes and delicious recipes other runners are doing, wearingrunning, wearing and eating and need to keep at it so I don’t get bored with my own workouts and recipes!

Running:  For fun!  I’m all finished building my base and still have a few weeks before I kick off my intense 10 week training plan leading up to Myrtle Beach Race Day.  I’ve set mileage goals and long run distances for each of the next three weeks but left the rest up to the weather and my mood.  The first of my five play weeks ended well and I’m feeling really good about where I’m headed moving into the end of July and eventually the Rock n Roll Virginia Beach.


What’s your most recent clothing purchase?  How about your blogging?

Right Now: Recovery, Booked, Visited

It’s time for the May edition of Right Now!  This is my second post in this category and as promised, I’m covering three new topics.  I’m doing something new for recovery, booked a trip and visited a local art museum.  Here’s how I feel about each of them:booked

Recovery:  One of my 2014 running goals was to get better at recovering from long runs, races and every training session.  In my efforts to accomplish this, I accepted an invitation to the BioSkin ambassador program and received a complimentary pair of Calf Skins.  I’ve used compression capri tights, but never used compression socks during or after I run, and want to give them an honest try before reviewing them.  I’m still in the process of playing with my run/post-run routine and it’s been really hot (100% humidity for last week’s 14 miler!).  I haven’t wanted to run with any extra clothing on due to that, so I’ve used to Skins exclusively for recovery.  When it cools off a bit, I’ll go for a run in them and soon after, fill you in on everything Calf Skin!

Booked:  My trip to Vegas for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon.  I’m excited for the trip and since it’s not a target, PR attempt race, the race’s notoriously huge field shouldn’t bother me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start from the first or second corral to give me even more running bookedroom on the flat course that wraps up with a run down the Strip while it’s all lit up.  I’ve heard good things (other than the large number of participants) from friends who have participated in the past and the 4:30pm Start Time, though unusual, makes this event special.  Nevada will be the 8th State checked off on my Run 50 States + DC Map, and I’m ready to keep plugging away at the list.

VisitedThe Duck.  This giant rubber duck is not only adorable, it’s world-famous and guaranteed to make you smile.  Stationed in Norfolk for the week, Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck helps celebrate the re-opening of the Chrysler Museum of Art with its second appearance in the United States.  The Chrysler recently underwent a $24 million renovation and since I wanted to see it, the Duck seemed like the perfect reason to head over.  I hadn’t been to the old building, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was great.  With free admission everyday, the Museum is home to a wide variety of exhibits and beautiful artwork as well as a glass blowing studio where you can let your creative juices flow.


Do you use compression for recovery?  What’s your 2014 destination race?  Does the duck make you smile, too?

Right Now: Reading, Wearing, Planning

I’m kicking off a brand new category with this post, and I’m calling it Right Now.  These are the things I’m excited to share with you, and want your opinions on, whether it’s what I’m reading, eating, wearing, drinking, lifting, feeling about running, thinking about running, where I’m running and more.  I’ll aim to hit three different categories in each post, but in case I find a few really good things (wines, books, running gear), I’m not making any promises :).  Here we go!right now

Right Now, I’m reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  I’ve read another of her novels, Dark Places, and thought it was fantastic.  Like its sister, this novel is gripping, drawing the reader into Camille’s (the narrator) world and holding you tight.  A psychological thriller, the tale of a small town gone big city girl’s return home is tangled, twisted and wonderful.

right nowRight Now, I’m excited to be wearing my new SweatPink shoe laces.  I’ve just broken out my last remaining new pair of Pro Grid Ride 5s, and lucky for me, they’re a perfect match.  I’m enjoying being a SweatPink ambassador, and excited to continue networking with, meeting and befriending my fellow SweatPink-ers.

Finally, Right Now, I’m starting to plan my 2015 Race Year.  I know it’s a long way from now, but time has been flying lately, and I don’t want to miss the boat, waste time or put myself in a training situation that could end badly.  I began planning for 2015 back in January, but that plan has already changed.  I’ve opted to add Rock n Roll Las Vegas in November to 2014, and with races in October, November and December, I might add RnR Phoenix in January.  The October Myrtle Beach Mini is my Fall target race, so much like I’ll be running Nashville for fun, Vegas and Rehoboth will simply be abnormally fun long runs.   I’m not sure what I’ll target for a Spring race, though if I do run Phoenix, it could be that, and I may or may not stick with the plan to run RnR DC and Kentucky in March, 2015.  Decisions, Decisions.


What are you reading right now?  Planning on running in 2015?