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January 2015 Right Now: A New Year!

It’s time to really kick off the new year.  My January 2015 Right Now features what I’m eating, scheduling and reading.  I’m excited about what the new year has in store and look forward to sharing some of favorites with you each month.  Here’s what I’m loving right now:

This recipe.  It’s easy to make, filling and a great way fuel my long run each week.  It also works wonders when it’s cold, rainy and all gloom and doom outside.  Hello, warm!  It takes some time january 2015 right nowto cook but makes a great freezer meal.

My spring race schedule is set!  I’ll kick off 2015 with Rock n Roll Arizona this weekend then have a break until serious training starts in February and racing again in March.  Rock n Roll DC and Shamrock, where I’m pacing the 1:52 group (yay!) are back to back in the middle of March and things wrap up with my target spring half in May.  I’m excited to have chosen the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita for both my Kansas race and target spring race then wrap things up with the EquiKids Cross Country 5k.

I’m reading Mark Divine‘s The Way of the SEAL for the second time.  My first read was just that.  I read and took what I could from the book.  When I cracked it open for the second time, my intentions were to start practicing the techniques and skills described in the book to see how I could benefit.  From the moment I began to reread the first chapter, I knew it wouldn’t be that simple.  I’ve reassessed my goal of implementing all 12 methods at once and have elected to work through two chapters each month.  I spend 30 minutes, twice a day specifically working on the principles Coach Divine describes is his best seller and sporadically during the day.  As I work to have better control over my thoughts and emotions, I’m excited to share my progress as the year moves forward.

That’s what I’m loving in my January 2015 Right Now and I hope you give the stew a try while registering for a spring race and settling down to pick up a good book.


What’s your favorite winter recipe?  Are you reading something good?

See What Happens Race Week

It’s my first Race Week of 2015 and I’m excited to get the year kicked off with Rock n Roll Arizona next Sunday!  I’m heading into my first race week of the year following my tried and true race week schedule then looking towards the race itself with a ‘let’s see what happens’ let's see what happensattitude.  If I feel good race morning, I’ll run hard.  If I’m feeling off, tired or like my legs don’t have it, I’ll opt for having some fun instead.

This past week’s training was all rearranged, but it worked out perfectly.  My ten mile run on Friday was better then I expected (1:16) on my one day rested legs and the exact same pace as my taper ten mile run before setting my current 13.3 mile PR.  Having such a solid outing on a windy, 40 degree day is what really made me think it might be worth shooting for a PR if I feel good in Phoenix.  Prior to this run I hadn’t been too sure about putting my pedal to the metal at this race because my training had been shifty and kind of inconsistent.

Let’s see what happens race week’s training has fewer miles than the last but remains intense with heavy lifting today, interchangeable cross training and a 30 minute tempo run on Monday (100% chance of rain at the moment) or Tuesday, a short interval workout Wednesday and two race pace miles Thursday.  Friday and Saturday are rest days but after flying I might need a teeny tiny shakeout jog before heading to the expo Saturday morning.

Speaking of the expo, I’m excited for it!  I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever been excited about a big, crowded expo but this Saturday will be my first TweetUp.  It’ll be nice to put faces with the names I chat with all the time online, have a chance to win some cool running gear (maybe a Rock n Roll race entry?) and possibly find a racing buddy.  I’ve only run a race with buddies when I paced and would love to have the experience of working with another runner in a racing situation.

So, here I go.  Race Week #1 of 2015 is on its way and I’m ready to see what happens for this first race of 2015.  I’m pretty sure no matter what I decide on race morning, I won’t be going wrong.


What’s your first race of 2015?  Did you already run it?  How was it?

Back in Action and Awards

I’m back in action!  A rough run on Saturday had me staving off more until today but thanks to the weather, things got shuffled around a bit.

After fighting a little with both of my ankles over the weekend I reevaluated my schedule and Sunday night decided my legs were feeling well enough to stick with it.  Until I read the week’s weather forecast.  A predicted high of 27 on Thursday.  While I don’t mind running in frigid temperatures, it would be my first genuinely cold run of the season and I didn’t want my final long run before Rock n Roll Arizona to suffer because of it.  Luckily I was able to adjust my training schedule to accommodate winter.  Here’s what the week will end up looking like:

Monday – Strength training
Tuesday – Rest  Shakeout run with 2x 200M strides
Wednesday – Interval Work
Thursday – Long Run (10 Miles)  Rest
Friday – Shakeout Run  Long run (10 miles)
Saturday – Race Pace Run (4 miles+)
Sunday – Heavy lifting

My legs were beaten up after a heavy dose of front rack walking lunges Monday and the shakeout ended up being exactly what I needed.  It was a day earlier than I had planned on running again but a short jog before heading out let me know my ankle would be fine.

I’m happy to be running pain free again and am even happier to have received some cool awards.  They’re awards I earned in 2014 but I waited to share until they all arrived.

My age group award from the Heart of Ghent 10k print with a plaque commemorating my 10k PR.  It was very hard to photograph with my phone!awardsRock n Roll Series Heavy Medals!  Rock Encore and Triple Crown earned for Rock n Rolls in Nashville, Virginia Beach and Las Vegas.  The Triple Crown is HUGE!


What cool awards or medals did you earn in 2014?  How do you decide if you’ve recovered enough to run?

New Year, New Ankle Injury

It’s a brand new year and with it comes a brand new ankle injury.  Two of them, technically.  They also are technically not new because there isn’t an old ankle injury.  I’ve never had ankle problems other than a lack of dorsiflexion.  Not a sprained one, not a broken one, nada.  Yes, I’ve had the step in a hole, trip over something tugs and pulls but nothing has lasted more than a few hours or stopped me from doing anything.

Unfortunately, I’m currently stopped from doing something.  My goal to get better at pistols has meant working on calf and Achilles tendon flexibility by doing this stretch.  It’s been effective at stretching the posterior side (back) of my leg and, apparently, equally as effective at crunching the everything between both my right and new ankle injuryleft side talus and tibia.  Put that daily dose of squishing together with eight hard miles of speed work on pavement in light shoes Friday and I’m not surprised to be dealing with a bit of anterior ankle impingement on both sides.  Oh, hey, new ankle injury!  I am, however, hoping it will heal quickly.  As in ‘before Wednesday’.

I have strength training scheduled today and tomorrow with rest on Tuesday.  Wednesday is my next scheduled run and I’d like to be able to actually run it.  I stretched after that tough session Friday but had a little pain and stiffness in both ankles at the start of my scheduled 13 miler yesterday.  I thought I’d be able to get my blood moving, stretch the legs and run out of it.  I was wrong.  My legs were doing fine but my ankles wanted no part of it, even in more supportive shoes.  Because I don’t actually want to be injured, I quit the run after 2.5 miles and called it a day.

With a semi-serious goal to break 1:40.00 at Rock n Roll Arizona, last week’s 15 miler under my belt, two weeks and one ten miler to go, I’m OK with skipping this long run.  Hopefully a light Saturday run, three days of massaging, anterior ankle stretching and sticking to straight leg posterior leg stretches will help me quickly shake this new ankle injury and get back on track.


What do you do when you get a new ankle injury?  How did you recover?

A Few 2015 Running Goals

I did a pretty good job of accomplishing the things I set out to in 2014.  My 2015 running goals include a little bit of everything.  I’ll be increasing my distance, improving speed and most importantly, having fun.

Run 1,500 miles.  I ran 1,446 in 2014 and had a very successful running year.  I don’t want to run into an injury or end up over trained so I’m upping it a little bit while still giving myself some flexibility.  This is an average of just under 29 miles a week if I ran a steady number over each week of the year, but that won’t be happening.  There will be a few rest weeks of less than 15 and some heavy weeks of more than 50 to balance things out.

Run my first 20 miler.  Then maybe a few more.  A part of my maybe a marathon, I’d like to just go out there and give it a shot to see how I respond to some serious stress.  I’ll also have to start figuring out when and what kind of fuel I’ll need to be successful at those longer distances.  What better time than now?

Break 1:35.00 in a half marathon.  If I’m going to rack up the miles, they’d better be effective.  My current PR was set at a pace of 7:20 per mile, even though I ran 13.3 miles of race course to finish in 1:37.24 instead of 1:36.08.  To hit this goal I’ll have to average 7:14 miles while nailing 13.1 miles on the head.  I’m excited to have a new goal to work towards with Rock n Roll Arizona on the horizon as a starting point and ready to put a training schedule together.

Race in 5 states.  I’m moving along with my goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states (plus DC) and as of today have 42 left to cover.  I’ll check the first one for 2015 off at Rock n Roll Arizona in two weeks then DC in March and Kansas in May.  I’m aiming for Baltimore in October and leaning towards a big fall racecation at the Smuttynose Rockfest Half two weeks before Maryland.

Those are my 2015 running goals and after an easy 3 miler to break the year in yesterday, I’m ready to get down to business!


What are your 2015 running goals?

Christmas Vacation 2014 Part I

Doug and I kicked off Christmas Vacation 2014 with a stop over at my mom and dad’s in Philadelphia for two nights of relaxation and quality time before heading to Wichita to visit with his family.  We arrived in Wichita at an airport that is currently getting a much needed facelift and quickly made our way to see the fam.christmas vacation 2014  It was great to see everyone Sunday night but I needed to get back to work on my Rock n Roll Arizona training plan when Monday morning rolled around.

My original Christmas Vacation 2014 workout plan was to find a local Crossfit gym and get my lifting done Monday, which is why I wore my runners rather than pack the big shoes in my bag for traveling Sunday.  Unfortunately, those plans were changed and I switched Monday Crossfit with Tuesday’s race pace run.  This trade meant running hard in shoes I had just worn the day before for close to 10 hours and was the first time I would be wearing the same shoes two days in a row since forever.   As a result, I should have expected a little less cushion than usual when Doug and I hit the local YMCA for a treadmill session that had me doing a mile warm up then four miles at 7:20 pace.  I tried to be ready for less comfy shoes with very tight laces and it completely backfired.  I had shin issues until I finally gave in and loosened my shoelaces around the 1.25 mile mark.

After my shins relaxed the rest of my treadmill session was solid, leaving I’m feeling good about heading into Arizona with a sub-1:40 goal and 3.5 more weeks of work to do.  In christmas vacation 2014need of a post workout fueling session, as well as a little quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas Vacation house before dinner and gift giving, Doug and I made a pit stop at Wichita Brewing Company.

The beer list was lengthy and the taps were many so we opted for two samplers.  One for him and one for me with as many different flavors as possible to share.  Next thing we knew, what we thought was a light fixture or candelabra was sitting on the bar in front of us being loaded with sample sized glasses filled with a rainbow of beer colored liquids.  Pretty snazzy!  The Beeramid was wonderful.  The wide range of flavors could make any palate happy and each glass was distinct from the previous one.  About a quarter of the way through we ordered pepperoni rolls from the wood fired grill and they were delicious.christmas vacation 2014  We finished our tasty 16 beer sampler in record time and went back to the house for a big family dinner and an early gift opening session for soon to depart parties.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my Christmas Vacation 2014 that includes a new Crossfit box and more fun stuff.


Where is your Christmas Vacation?  Have you checked out any new spots?

December Right Now: Wearing, Loving, Running

It’s time for the December edition of Right Now!  This month I cover what I’m wearing, what I’m really liking and what my early 2015 running plans are.

Wearing:  This SweatPink tank.  I received it as part of my SweatListPro swag and the super comfy tank was a welcome addition to my collection.  I typically wear fitted gear on top and was pleasantly surprised to like the softness and room to move in this one.  It doesn’t get shown off much during cold, layered winter runs but shines on the dreadmill.  I will definitely be wearing it often in the spring’s sunshine.wearing

Loving:  The cooler weather.  Yes, it’s a bit chillier than I’d like driving to work at 5:30 in the morning but my the time I get out to run, the temperatures in the mid- to high-40s are great.  There were a few very windy, rainy days here in Virginia Beach lately that had me worried the winter conditions won’t be runner friendly but things have cleared up and the last two days have been perfect.

Racing:  Rock n Roll Arizona.  I said in this post I was definitely planning to go for that sub-1:37.00 PR I missed in Myrtle Beach but now I’m guessing again.  I took seven days off from running after Rehoboth.  Didn’t run a single step.  I did some strength training and am a little bit concerned about being ready to run fast in five weeks.  This is the first time I’ll ever try to PR with such a short training cycle and I’m not sure when my next chance will be.  Rock n Roll USA isn’t really on my radar as a PR course, pacing the 1:52 group at Shamrock the following weekend means it’s out, too, and the rest of my 2015 schedule has yet to be determined.  Hopefully I’ll find an opportunity that fits both my schedule and my budget next spring!


Do you like running in the cold?  What’s on your spring race schedule?  What are you wearing this winter?

Right Now: October Edition 2

It’s time for October Edition 2 of Right Now!  I missed posting a Right Now in September and am making up for lost time with this second post.  You can check out the first one here for some of the other things I’ve been up to lately, other than running, that is.

Here we go!

Eating:  Mashed potatoes.  I love potatoes.  Baked potatoes take a while, even baked sweet potatoes so I’ve taken to mashing them up and freezing single size servings.  This article not only made my day, it makes the good point that even though I love my pasta, I can benefit more from chowing down on a baked, mashed, boiled spud with a handful of cheddar cheese and some garlic than a bowlful of penne after a hard run.october edition 2

Using:  The Fitness Games.  I reviewed this app a few weeks ago and still use it every now and then.  I love the strength program on I’m on now, but sometimes after a hard run I know lifting heavy weights wouldn’t be a good idea.  The app’s bodyweight workouts are challenging and make good cross training sessions for those non-running days when you want to stay away from the gym.

october edition 2Registering:  I used the 2015 Rock n Roll TourPass 3-Pack I purchased earlier this month to get two of next year’s race locations on the calendar.  With 43 states to go, I’m aiming to check off five per year (as long as the budget permits) and will be getting started quickly with Rock n Roll Arizona the second week in January.  Next up is Rock n Roll DC in March.

I hoe you enjoyed October Edition 2 of Right Now.  Heading into the next few days, I’ll be en route to Myrtle Beach for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon where the last six months’ hard training will hopefully pay off with a new half marathon PR.  Stay tuned for lots of race weekend fun!


Do you like potatoes?  What’s your favorite recipe?

Right Now: Starting, Buying, Working On

I was very busy in September and somehow missed my normal Right Now post.  That means two in October!  There are lots of things going on in my running and business owning life and I’m excited to share what I’m starting, buying and working on with you!

Starting:  I’ve partnered with Bon Secours Health Systems and Moms in Motion to create Fit Moms Boot Camp.  Designed to help mothers at all stages of motherhood get a little quality grown-up time while building friendships, getting fit and prepping for a road race, I’m excited to help these women reach their goals.  I’m chipping away at starting the program startingby finding a sponsor, putting the word out and getting women involved.

Buying:  The 2015 Rock n Roll TourPass 3-Pack.  In my effort to run all 50 states (and DC), I’ve committed to running three Rock n Roll races in 2015.  I have one locked in, Rock n Roll Arizona in January, and a few ideas for the other two.  I’d like to check off a new state with each of the races but even if one ends up being a repeat in Virginia Beach, the pass is a great deal.  At $199, it’s almost a buy two-get one free deal for the $100+ entry fees common for Rock n Roll Races.

Working on:  Ankle mobility.  I’ve altered my strength training program a bit and have added a new goal: mastering the pistol.  This is a proposition I can succeed at if I garner the ankle mobility required to correctly complete the movement.  While I don’t often notice having tight calves, there’s more to ankle mobility than that and I need to work on mine.  I’m starting to get a little looser at the joint and can feel my mobility improving ever so slightly.  As a bonus, I’ll also need to get stronger to nail this one without lifting shoes.


Are you running any Rock n Roll events in 2015?  Do you work on mobility?