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Lululemon Hotty Hot Short

While I was on my recent blog vacation, I acquired Lululemon’s Hotty Hot Short.  After spending some time trying them out with different activities I’ve found them to be just right for lots of things.  Here are the details!

Fabric:  I was looking for something different with this pair of shorts.  It’s been a hot, humid summer and with the dog days of August settling in I wanted a little more breathability.  The hotty hot shortloose fitting, four-way stretch fabric is great.  They are very light and I barely noticed them, even when they were soaked in sweat.  It’s not an easy fabric to damage with pins for a race number or a heavy cycle in the washer but I never put workout gear in the dryer and haven’t with these.  [All of my selfie shorts attempts failed so here’s what worked].

Fit/Feel:  With the looser fit through the legs, I doubt you’ll ever need the fabric’s four-way stretch but it’s nice to know it’s there.  The wide waist band is great for keeping the shorts in place without leaving its pattern indented on your tummy.  The Hotty Hot Shorts I purchased have a low, 2.5″, rise.  The fabric’s looseness and built in liner make you feel secure and covered even if your shorts tan is shrinking a bit.  If you’re taller there is a ‘long’ version available.  The single zip pocket in the back is convenient and keeps its contents as dry as can be expected.  The seam locations in these is different than some other Lulu shorts and I have no fear of the dreaded inner thigh chafe when rocking them.  All in all, they fit great, stay in place even when wet and almost make you forget they’re there.

Functionality:  With reflective details and a back pocket, the Hotty Hot Short is very versatile.  I’ve spent time in the gym with them, on the track running hard and on an easy long run.  For a longer run there aren’t enough pockets to hold gels so you’ll need a fuel belt or backpack.  For just about anything else from hiking to yoga they’re a solid choice.

Price:  At $58 (+ tax in most states) they come in right on target for Lululemon.  It’s an investment I’ve found is worth it.  The key to keeping these shorts long lasting is skipping the dryer and washing in cold water.


What do you look for in workout gear?  What will you compromise on?

Summer Shorts: Lululemon Speed Short

Shorts are it for me during the summer.  Yes, I wear lightweight capris when I’m working 85% of the time, especially when I’m indoors, but when I get my sweat on?  The shorter the shorts the better.  I’m not one to have my rear end hanging out, but full coverage and a bit of support are about all I require.  It was time for something new and I knew what I wanted: shorts with a pocket and without groin chafing seams on the lining.speed shorts

I’m a fan of Lululemon‘s other bottoms (read about it here) and hoped I’d be able to find exactly what I wanted.  What was more important to me than the pocket, however, was the lack of a chafe inducing built-in lining.  I don’t buy or wear standard ‘running’ shorts because the built-in linings with their thin, tight elastic edges usually rub me in an awful way.  (Thanks narrow hips, short rise and small rear!)  I picked up a pair of Run: Speed Shorts and was very excited to feel a flat, edgeless lining and Lululemon’s “signature three-pocket waistband”.  They felt even better when I slipped them on: comfortable and supportive without making my groin feel like it was being separated from the rest of my body.  Sold!  I made for home with a $54 pair of Lululemon’s Run: Speed Short in black.

I decided to break them in over a long run on an early, hot and humid Saturday morning.  Go big or go home, right?  I piled my car key, my ID and a $20 bill in the back zipper pocket and took off for 13 miles.  I was a bit concerned the load of goodies resting on just above my butt might result in a rub with all the sweat and heat, but better to find out now than on race day.  Off I went!  I first noticed how the lightweight fabric and loose outer layer let plenty of air circulate through the quickly sweat soaked fabric while the lining wicked the sweat that kept on coming away and protected my pocketed belongings.  The “chafe-resistant flat seams” did a wonderful job of keeping the supportive inner lining in place speed shortswith every step, regardless of how thoroughly saturated the garment was and by Mile 8, I could tell my skin wasn’t going suffer at all.  I ran on for five more miles, barely noticing the shorts and not fiddling with them once.

After I hit the stop button at Mile 13, I reevaluated my shorts situation while I cooled down and stretched.  First I checked on my lower back.  The pocket had stayed tightly zipped despite all of the contents bouncing around for over an hour and forty minutes and there was no rub.  Just a stinky, wet $20 bill.  Excellent.  Next up, the skin around my groin.  No irritation there either.  Big win.  Finally, lots of body parts I’d like to keep to myself can accidentally see daylight when doing post-run stretching and yoga in sticky, barely there to begin with, sweaty clothes but the Speed Short keep me covered.  I checked.  I looked in a mirror from every angle in every position I could think of.  Good to go.

The Speed Short had been awesome during the run and was great after it.  The “slim fit, medium rise, 2.5″ (6cm) inseam” shorts that are made “for training runs and race day, too” are a great addition to any running gear collection and I can’t wait to race in mine.  Definitely consider adding a pair to your shorts rotation and run in secure comfort any time you head out.


Note:  I was not compensated in any way for trying, using or reviewing this product.  All opinions are my own.

What’s most important to you in a pair of running shorts or pants?