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Fit Friday: Summer Running Tips

Summer is here and if you’re looking to race this fall, you’re likely training through some heat, humidity and sunlight.  Summer running is serious business, especially for those looking to rock marathons or hit a PR early in the fall.  Training hard when it’s hot can have benefits when things cool back down but it can also be dangerous.  Here are five ways to stay safe while still summer runninggetting a good session in during hot summer workouts.

Stay hydrated.  Staying hydrated doesn’t mean just drinking water.  In fact, too much plain old water can become a problem sooner than you think.  That’s because when we sweat we lose plenty of salt, too.  Having a sports drink, salt tab or other form of electrolyte with you for any outdoor workout is a must.  Put water bottles out along your route or choose one with accessible fountains, sinks or friends who’ll cheer you on.

Slow down.  Your body is dealing with enough when it’s hot out.  Adding the stress of a hard track workout doesn’t help.  Don’t worry about your goal pace or how long it takes you to get there.  Run by effort when it’s warm and give your body time to adjust to the season change over a few weeks.  Then you’re clear to step up the intensity for short times as long as you feel up to it.

Dress lightly.  Have a sports bra you love but kept covered up all winter?  Show it off!  Wear as little clothing as you can get away with.  If you are going to wear an entire outfit, go for light colors and sweat wicking fabrics.  Try to remember the Body Glide, too.  A hat or visor along with sunglasses is always recommended and a good layer of sunblock put on 10 minutes before you head out can’t do anything but help.

Change your schedule.  It’s cooler in the morning and evening than it is at noon or 3pm.  Try to get your run in when there’s plenty of shade as the sun comes up or goes down.  Check out different routes at different times of day to see where you’re offered the most coverage.  You might even want to hit the trails.  If you’re schedule just can’t adjust, don’t be afraid to stay inside and tackle a treadmill workout.

Know the signs.  Pay attention to what your body tells you.  No workout is worth the risk of serious hurting yourself.  Lightheadedness, dizziness, cramping and not sweating anymore are all possible signs of a heat related injury.  Especially on low humidity, breezy days, summer running can sneak up on you and it’s even more important to be aware of what’s going on inside your body.


How do you deal with summer running?  Do you like it or hate it?

Racing Again + Warmer Weather

I’m racing again!  This weekend I’ll be tackling the St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon in St. Michael’s, Maryland.  My mom is coming down from Philadelphia to carry my gear cheer me on and I’m looking forward to exploring the small, historic town a bit both before and after my run.

I’ll kind of be shooting for the PR I missed in Kansas but am not putting as much pressure on myself to perform at my best as I did two weeks ago.  It always takes me a while to adjust to the warmer weather and humidity that come with summer.  I am definitely not there yet and I’d rather racing againhold off until the fall for another try than hurt myself.  The Saturday race gets a somewhat late start at 7:40 and with a predicted low of 66 Friday night, I’ll expect temperatures to climb up from 68 as I travel 13+ miles.  Winds are supposed to be below 10 mph (yay!) and there a 40% chance of rain.  I’ll definitely take wet shoes over some serious heat, after all, it worked out pretty well in DC.  Looking at the course map and elevation chart (the only one I could find), the heat and possible humidity will be my biggest concerns.  I’ll be racing again on a course just as flat as my last three that features some tight turns I’ll have to hug .

Even thought I’m not putting a ton of pressure on myself to hit a new PR, I’d still like to get one this spring.  Hydration, fueling and staying loose after the 3.5 hour drive will be my priorities once arriving in St. Michael’s later today so I can negate the potentially warmer weather as much as possible.  I know I’m capable of lowering my current PR in good (cool-ish, not windy, low humidity) weather but ideal conditions are no guarantee on race days.  My training has been going well in spite of my last long run being the disaster it was two weeks ago and some breathing struggles on hot, humid training runs.

With good training behind me, my legs feel good, I’m excited to be racing again, feeling less pressure than I did the last two weeks and ready to finish the season with a solid run.


Are you racing this weekend?  How do you adjust to the summer heat?