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Allen Stone Memorial 5k

Saturday morning I raced the 17th Annual Allen Stone Memorial 5k.  I blogged about how excited I was to race in my new shoes last week and I was happy with how things turned out.

I could tell the second I walked out the door into a humid morning it wasn’t going to be a banner day.  I hadn’t had a full recovery day in 10 days and my legs were pretty tired.  My new shoes settled right onto my feet as I jogged an easy mile to get moving.  One of the allen stone memorial 5kthings that didn’t help my performance was that between the portions of my warm up I had a big break.  This race is full of tradition, including a reading of the names of special operations service men who have died in the line of duty, the national anthem, and three parachuters floating down with the flag.  After stretching and relaxing through that I finished with 800M of pick-ups to get my turnover and heart rate going.

Soaked in sweat with my heart pumping and legs feeling lighter but not fresh we snapped a Team RWB photo.  Then I was off to the Allen Stone Memorial 5k start line.  I knew the crowd was competitive and settled into the third row of runners figuring that would be roughly my speed.  I went out of the gate too fast for the first 400M, especially on the humid allen stone memorial 5kmorning, but was thankful the sun stayed hidden as I ran through the first mile.  I had a girl right next to me through the turn around then pulled away in the second mile.

Coming into the final kilometer I choked.  Not crapped out on performing but actually choked.  Some sticky spit got stuck in my throat with no water in sight and I slowed to attempt clearing my throat without making things worse.  It kind of worked so I picked it back up for the last half mile.  Set on cruise, the girl who had been neck-in-neck with me at the race’s start came on strong in the final 20M and we finished with a sprint over the line.

I ended up finishing in 21:40, averaging 6:59 miles.  Not the time I thought I had run when I crossed the Allen Stone Memorial 5k finish line, it was actually a few seconds faster.  I immediately grabbed some water to finally get my throat clear, collected my medal and waited for results with a bunch of friends.  I found out I had won my age group then jogged a cool down mile that took long enough to miss my award being presented.  I got a fancy handled mason jar with the Allen Stone Memorial 5k logo on it to match my medal and then called it a day.

I was happy to get a solid workout in, have success with my new shoes and still have something left for the next day’s long run.  With two more weeks in my base phase, I’m excited to see what I can do when the weather’s cooler, my legs are fresher and my weeks aren’t packed with miles this fall.


How do you decide if a race was successful?  What training phase are you in right now?

My First Rock Climbing Adventure

Last night I went indoor rock climbing for the first time in my whole life.  I had no idea what to expect but with some of my favorite Team RWBers by my side, I knew I’d have fun.  I missed the first outing and was excited to make it for the second of many Team RWB rock rock climbingclimbing adventures to come.

I pulled into the gravel parking lot at Virginia Beach Rock Gym, surprised by how full it was.  Wide eyed, I walked into the massive warehouse and met up with our group.  After filling out waivers, getting special rock climbing shoes (didn’t even know they existed) and harnesses, we left the reception area for the actual gym.  We were given a short class on how to self belay, including the correct way to lock in our carabiner, then let loose on the myriad of walls and rock climbingboulders.

There were a few SEAL Team guys getting a rock climbing workout in, plenty of regulars, Team RWBers with some experience and me.  I was prepared to fall off the wall at every opportunity but ended up being pretty OK at getting up there.  Coming down?  Not so much.  I was neither graceful nor correct in my dismount but I did survive injury free.  Thanks, Gravity.

Here I am on my very first attempt, getting passed by Karla and swinging from the challenging side of a boulder with the whole Team RWB gang.

After hanging for this picture and playing a bit on the big walls, I gave bouldering a serious try.  Thank goodness for those big fluffy mats!  The spider guys hanging upside down from the boulder made it look so easy.  I landed on my rear a few times before finding a more vertical wall to learn on.  I had better luck staying perpendicular to the ground and actually got to the top of the boulder twice.  Getting down from here was more of a climb back down challenge but I gained some confidence jumping off from a higher height each time.

With burning forearms and tired legs after a second workout for the day, I washed my hands and headed home.  The Virginia Beach Rock Gym is a cool spot even when it’s hot and I’m looking forward to my next indoor rock climbing adventure.  Will I ever tackle the Grand Canyon?  Most definitely not but it’s fun to try.

rock climbingMeredith

Have you ever been indoor rock climbing?  Did you like it?