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30 Day Yoga Challenge + Down Week

I started a 30 Day Yoga Challenge a few days after 2017 began.  Part of my Unbeatable Mind training, the challenge comes complete with daily instructional videos and support videos.  For several months now I’ve been doing short morning and longer evening yoga practices apart from this challenge.  So why add more?  It’s nice to take a step back.

I’m currently on Day 11 and have done a good job of keeping up with each day’s lesson.  Most of the concepts that have been covered so far are familiar but it’s a nice refresher.  Another yoga challengedifference between the yoga challenge material and my regular practice is timing.  I put the challenge on my daily to-do list rather than the bookmark I use my morning and evening routines for.  Taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to focus and relax has been great, I’ve even noticed a difference in my energy level the last few afternoons.

I’ve even had help from Jordy watching videos.  He preferred to rest in laying dog position instead of down dog pose.

The additional time spent doing yoga exercises each day has come in handy so far this week because it’s a down week.  After four straight weeks of heavy for me mileage (55, 55, 60, 61), this week’s 25-28 leave me lots of free time.  It’s only Tuesday but I’m not facing the taste of taper madness I thought I would.  It helps that with 47 days until marathon day I’m feeling really good about my training.  Every workout last week was very solid.  My body feels strong and fresh.  I’m eating, sleeping and training well.  Overall I’m positive about where I am heading into the final training stretch.  Bring on race day!


Have you ever done a yoga challenge?  What do you do during a down week?

Week 3 + Being Unbeatable

It’s Week 3 of marathon training and things are rolling along nicely.  I’m feeling good after two weeks of increasing mileage and have two more to go before a down week.  One thing about this year’s most ambitious training plan yet is that I’m tying it to my Unbeatable Mind training.  While I am far from unbeatable yet, I am seeing and feeling some big differences from how I felt last year early on.unbeatable

Even with more miles on the calendar each week I’m more relaxed and flexible about what’s coming my way.  I’ll get the miles on the treadmill if I have to, in the middle of the night if I have to and at the end of the day, it’s all going to be fine.  Unless, of course, I get injured.

Which I might be on my way to but hopefully not.  I’ve had some funkiness going on with my right ankle or glute or Achilles that I warm up out of some days.  It’s definitely muscular and I’m trying different things to see what shakes it out the fastest.  Extra glute activation during my warm up, extra stretching of the calves and sometimes just loosening my shoe lace for a minute all help.  I’m making a big effort to listen to my body and figure out what it needs.

That’s how I can tell my Unbeatable training is making a difference.  I’m not freaking out.  There’s no desperate search for a quick fix.  I have a long way to go in both marathon training and mind training.  I’ll get to the finish but I want to be injury free when I arrive.  For now I’ll pay close attention to what works best to get me going on each run and stick with it.


Do you ever over reacted to or ignored to a potential injury and what helps you be Unbeatable?

Unbeatable Mind + Slowing Down

Last week I kicked off a year long journey with Unbeatable Mind.  Founded by Mark Divine, a former Navy SEAL Commander, I’m excited to dive more deeply into some of the principles I read about in his The Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind books.  Mark has years of Unbeatable Mind's Profile Photocorporate, military, yoga and leadership experience from which he has created the Unbeatable Mind program.  The ultimate goal is to ‘forge resiliency and mental toughness to succeed at an elite level.’  Dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential by discovering themselves, the Unbeatable Mind community is a place where everyone wants to grow into a stronger, kinder, happier person.  And who wouldn’t want that?!

I’m looking to hit some big goals in the next 6-12 months (buy a house, PR the marathon, launch a new business project) and believe the things I learn will only help me reach each of those goals faster.  The beginning of my Unbeatable Mind learning was a bit of an overload because I tried to soak in as much as I could as quickly as possible but I’ve relaxed and reorganized.  I have twelve months to slow down and soak it all in, making sure I get as much as I can from both the program and myself.

I’ve also slowed down my long runs.  It’s been awfully warm the last few and after some hydration issues two weeks ago, I spend most of the miles telling myself to ‘slow down’.  I’ve also scouted out routes that are as shaded as possible in the morning or evening so no matter when I’m hitting the road I have at least some kind of relief.  I’m not sure what to expect at Red, White and Boom because of not having done any hard tempo runs in a while but with the race coming in the middle of my base phase, I’ll be OK with whatever happens.


Have you read Unbeatable Mind?  How do you cope with summer heat?