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Mutt Masquerade 5k + Volunteering

This past weekend was filled with racing.  Volunteering at a race, running a race and getting ready for a race.  Friday I spent the afternoon volunteering at the Wicked 10k expo, Saturday I completed my last long-ish run before the Monumental Half and Sunday I raced the Mutt Masquerade 5k.

I wrote about the value of pitching in a mutt masqueradehelping at a race last week.  My time at the expo Friday did not disappoint.  Stationed at t-shirt exchange I saw tons of friends, met new runners and, since the shirts ran small, helped lots of people out.  Here I am hanging out with some of my good friends who are J&A Racing Ambassadors.

Saturday morning I ran my last big workout before I tackle state #24, Indiana.  The Monumental Half is a fast and flat course I’m feeling halfway prepared for.  I’m not in peak shape by any means but my legs are feeling good.  My last two long workouts were both very good and I’m looking forward to a solid performance.

Sunday morning the whole house packed up to hit the boardwalk for Virginia Beach SPCA’s Mutt Masquerade.  A morning filled with adorable dressed up dogs and lots of sunshine, it was lots of fun.  My legs were tired from Saturday’s finish fast long run and I didn’t mutt masqueradehave high expectations.  After a mile warm up, I lined up in the front pack of runners.  I took off, settled in to a comfortable pace for the out and back course and had some fun.  mutt masquerade

On the outbound side I realized my right shoe was tied too tight (still figuring out the new shoes).  My ankle was bothering me and an injury however slight was last on my list.  I decided to stop to fix it when I could hear my funky gait on the cement.  Passing all of the wagging tails on my return trip really made the race enjoyable.  Not one of my best performances after having to tie a shoe midway through, I finished second female overall (22:54) and won my age group.


Do you run with your dog?  Would you do the Mutt Masquerade?


Fit Friday: Race Volunteering

The running community is awesome.  Runners are so supportive of each other at every level it’s amazing.  One of the best way many of us give back to the community that supports us so much is by volunteering at a race, or more, each year.  I try to pitch in at least a few times during race season and will be at the Wicked 10k expo tomorrow for four fun hours of packet pickup.volunteering

I regularly volunteer at EquiKids and it is unbelievably rewarding to see riders progress over time.  While handing out some t-shirts or race numbers doesn’t quite have the same impact, it is important.  Without runners ready to not only race but help the race directors out, many of us wouldn’t be able to afford to participate.  Paying someone for volunteering would skyrocket the costs of putting on an event.  That would, of course, be passed on to the runners and I’m pretty sure most of our race related pocket books aren’t overflowing.

With a wide variety of volunteering choices available to those who want to give back, opportunities abound.  I typically choose to help out the day before the race with packet pickup or set up.  This makes it easy to run the race myself or be there for the athletes I coach.  It also doesn’t hurt that I can often fit it in during the middle of the day.  Other options include Start Line, bag check, Finish Line, course marshals and water stops.  There’s something that will fit any schedule limitation you can think of.  No excuses!

Volunteering at a race is something everyone who runs one should consider.  It’s the perfect chance to give back to the community that gives you so much.  You might even meet your new best runner friend.


What’s your favorite spot for race volunteering?