The Never Ending Run

Have you ever had a never ending run?  When you know you’re moving and things are going pretty well until you look down at your watch to see it’s been five entire minutes.  Five minutes?!?  It felt like FOREVER.  You’re not extremely fatigued, sore, unmotivated or dealing never ending runwith horrible weather conditions but this workout will definitely seem like a never ending run.

I have definitely had my share for any number of reasons.  My head isn’t in the game because I’m distracted by something else going on that day or maybe I really needed a day off instead.  One thing I won’t do is bail on a run, unless I’m injured, even if it takes what feels like a ridiculously long time to complete.  So how do I get through these dragging moments?

The first thing I do is start smiling.  I’m likely to get frustrated when things aren’t moving along as I want them to, so I make sure to get back to my happy place.  I’m lucky I get to run whenever I want and I’d be silly to forget it.  Smiling also forces your face, and your entire body in turn, to relax.  It could also be exactly what the next person you pass needed to turn their frown upside down.

If I’m smiling, moving and still not getting where I need to be, I’ll evaluate my body.  Am I hurting?  What did I do yesterday or two days ago?  Looking back through my recent workouts can give me a good clue as to why this sessions has turned into another never ending run and help me fix it by finishing sooner, intentionally slowing down or stopping for a stretch.

The third step to get this endless run over with as painlessly as possible is to turn my watch off.  Maybe it’s stopping long enough to drop satellites and just finishing a timed run.  Maybe it’s turning if off altogether.  I’ll be just fine with one less day’s data to pour over.  Running is fun, keep it that way.

No matter what I do to get back on track with a tough workout, I know it’s a step towards making me mentally tougher.  And that’s good news for any workout.  Focusing, remembering your goals and realizing it could always be worse are great ways to turn a never ending run into a successful session.


Have you had a never ending run?  How did you deal with it?

4 thoughts on “The Never Ending Run

  1. Kristen

    Love the tips! I try to distract myself by going on a scavenger hunt (can I find a red car? A white fence?) or counting things (how many dogs will I see on the way home?). It gives me something to distract my brain and make time pass much faster!

  2. Katherine

    Love your tip to smile! I have turned around a few races with this tip. Smiling and high-fiving some people helps my mood so much. Great post!


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