Training Check In: Six Weeks

It’s Sunday Funday and a long weekend both mean it’s the perfect time for a training check in.  I’ve been feeling really good lately, and this week’s 40 miles are all wrapped up.  It’s also Memorial Day weekend, and while Doug is off playing golf this morning, I’ll be prepping for a few friends and some grub from the grill.check in

I’ve been doing a good job of being flexible with my schedule as I increase my mileage and that was really helpful this week when I suffered my first runjury of this new training program.  As part of my ‘running is fun‘ mantra, I’ve mixed up my training a lot over the first six weeks of base building.  It’s been great.  I’ve started doing new workouts (3200M repeats), workouts I haven’t done in a loooong time (Michigans), gotten back to running in the sand and moving days around without a worry.  No better time to damage yourself then when everything is just fine.  And I’ll admit it could be much worse.

I have been suffering from a pair of matching rubs on my second toes.  No, you don’t want to see a picture.  I got them while running barefoot on the sand at Chick’s Beach Monday evening and they really surprised me.  For the first few miles I thought the sand was unusually firm and rough but shortened my stride and felt good.  Exfoliating, yay!  By Mile 3.5 of 5, I was pretty irritated, so I pulled up and took a look at my sand covered foot.  I didn’t notice anything sticking out of a bloody stab wound and after a splash in the bay’s salt water, I was off again.  Moments later, I had to check in with my foot again.  The pain was getting worse and this time I noticed the bleeding, blistered toe on my right foot.  One mile to go.  I had to get back to the beach access anyway and I was off, running right on the edge of the water so the injured foot would stay on soft, wet, salt water covered sand.  Then my left toe started to do the same thing with bandaidshalf a mile left.  This is not happening.  I powered through the end of my run, hobbled off the beach and took a look at my busted toes.  Great.  Bring on the Band-Aids.

A good rinse and clean in the shower, I left the toes out to air dry and start healing.  A pair  of bandages Tuesday morning and they were bundled up for that day’s 3×2 mile repeats.  I knew I’d have another bloody right sock when I finished, but they actually didn’t hurt much during my workout and there was a lot less red on my white sock than I expected when I was finished.  Winning.  I let my feet see as much sun and fresh air as possible Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, wrapped them up tightly for workouts and felt like they were moving along with the healing process.  After a quick check in, I was sure they were good to go Friday for my long run.  I put on a fresh pair of Band-Aids and, because it was hot, a thinner than usual pair of socks.  Big mistake.  As soon as I started to sweat the right toe protector slipped off and, seconds later, a bloody toe followed.  Long run not complete, I gave the bleeding right toe a bit of TLC while dreading the fact that I would now have to rise and shine at 4am the next morning to get that long run in.  I did go out in the heat with a fresh pair of both Band-Aids and socks for a short speed workout Friday afternoon to at least get some serious miles in.  The toe made it, thanks to the fresh socks.  Bring on the early morning long run.

Yesterday’s long run (13.15) was early.  There was also perfect weather with the benefit of quiet while watching the sunrise over the ocean and toes that didn’t bleed or hurt.  A solid long run left me happy with how Week Six’s running went in spite of the latest runjury and I finished the week with an afternoon strength training dose of deadlifts.  My legs are ready for Week 7’s 42 miles and I’m ready for these toes to finish healing.

Happy Memorial Day!


How’s your training going?  Any injuries?  What are your Memorial Day plans?

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