Unbeatable Mind + Slowing Down

Last week I kicked off a year long journey with Unbeatable Mind.  Founded by Mark Divine, a former Navy SEAL Commander, I’m excited to dive more deeply into some of the principles I read about in his The Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind books.  Mark has years of Unbeatable Mind's Profile Photocorporate, military, yoga and leadership experience from which he has created the Unbeatable Mind program.  The ultimate goal is to ‘forge resiliency and mental toughness to succeed at an elite level.’  Dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential by discovering themselves, the Unbeatable Mind community is a place where everyone wants to grow into a stronger, kinder, happier person.  And who wouldn’t want that?!

I’m looking to hit some big goals in the next 6-12 months (buy a house, PR the marathon, launch a new business project) and believe the things I learn will only help me reach each of those goals faster.  The beginning of my Unbeatable Mind learning was a bit of an overload because I tried to soak in as much as I could as quickly as possible but I’ve relaxed and reorganized.  I have twelve months to slow down and soak it all in, making sure I get as much as I can from both the program and myself.

I’ve also slowed down my long runs.  It’s been awfully warm the last few and after some hydration issues two weeks ago, I spend most of the miles telling myself to ‘slow down’.  I’ve also scouted out routes that are as shaded as possible in the morning or evening so no matter when I’m hitting the road I have at least some kind of relief.  I’m not sure what to expect at Red, White and Boom because of not having done any hard tempo runs in a while but with the race coming in the middle of my base phase, I’ll be OK with whatever happens.


Have you read Unbeatable Mind?  How do you cope with summer heat?

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