After my big age group win at the Crawlin’ Crab on Sunday, it was back to strength training today.  I didn’t have a Tuesday Two a Day on the schedule, and even though I felt like I could have handled one, I took it easy and did a single workout today.

A very windy Beach Boot Camp got the day started, then it was clients and a workout made up of only deadlifts and pull-ups before heading to an afternoon at EquiKids.  When I saw today’s WOD, it was my second big win of October with two of my favorite exercises being featured on my first heavy lifting day in two weeks.  Since it had been thirteen days since my last hard strength training, I took it a little light for our 5×3 Deadlifts, but only dropped it down twenty pounds for the 5 rounds of 10 deadlifts, 10 pull-ups that followed.  Everything felt great, except my forearms, which were exhausted pretty quickly and forced me to go to ring rows for my last 20 pull-ups.  In the end, it felt good to be back in the gym and I’m ready to dive into a few more hard, long runs before Savannah.  Post workout, it was another client, lunch and a few errands before I was off to my Tuesday afternoon at EquiKids.

Returning to my phone after a lesson in which one of the students I work with really made big strides today, I found an email letting me know my career is starting to get noticed as well.  I work hard to help people, and look forward to helping more and more reach their fitness goals as my business grows.  Having the opportunity to be featured as a personal trainer and running coach in a LiveStrong piece about staying motivated to run (check out Slide #9) was another big win for me.  One of the biggest challenges I face as both a runner and a coach is digging deep, and helping my clients do the same, when we’re burnt out or having a crappy day.  Being featured on such a well respected site helps give my name, and my business, the credibility they deserves and it feels really good.  You can read a little more about my feature on the FitNicePT News and Media page, and with one of our blog posts right here.

WP_20131008_002When I arrived home from my weekly trip to the barn and retrieved the mail, there was a big envelope addressed to me that I wasn’t expecting.  Opening it, I found a Second Place Female certificate from the Bay Days 8K and also an Age Group Award, first in 20-29.  I’m not sure why I got both, since you are usually pulled from your age group when you are in the top three, but it’s not up to me.  I worked hard to win that race and it’s nice to have something to put on my wall.

Tomorrow is a 45 minute tempo run, and while I probably won’t get any more awards in the mail, it sure would be nice :).

What’s your favorite award?  Do you have a big win goal this month?



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